Tied To The Moon

Rachel Sermanni

Released 2015. Hiding in the sticks of Nova Scotia, I sowed the seeds of the sophomore. The songs follow the theme of being Like a Moth; of being in darkness but drawn to the flame. To hear it is to take a walk in the moonlight.

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1 – RUN  |  lyrics
2 – Wine Sweet Wine
3 – Old Ladies Lament
4 – I’ve Got A Girl
5 – DON`T FADE | lyrics
6 – Tractor
7 – Ferryman
8 – Banks Are Broken
9 – Begin
10 – This Love

Under Mountains

Rachel Sermanni

September 2012. My debut Album, Under Mountains, was set free into the ether. Produced by Ian Grimble (Travis, Manic Street Preachers, Texas…) and recorded at Watercolour Studios nestled among big, purple hills in the West Highlands. Under Mountains was my first full musical contribution to the world.

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1 – Breathe Easy
2 – Bones
3 – Waltz
4 – Ever Since The Chocolate
5 – The Fog
6 – Little Prayer
7 – Sea Oh See
8 – Sleep
9 – Marshmallow Unicorn
10 – Black Current
11- Eggshells
12 – Song To A Fox

Live In Dawson City

Rachel Sermanni

Released 2014. Jen Austin, Jimi Troup and I went to play Dawson City Music Festival. It was one of the most magical times and I’m so glad our gig in The Palace Grand was recorded that the magic might be, in some way, shared.

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1- Intro
2 – Two Birds
3 – Black Current
4 – Breathe Easy
5 – Bones
6 – To Wait To Wit To Woo
7 – I’ve Got A Girl
8 – Marshmallow Unicorn
9 – Waltz
10 – The Fog
11 – Song To A Fox

The Bothy Sessions

Rachel Sermanni

The first ever release. I told a bunch of musician friends that, in a weeks time, I’d be heading into the forest  to make a recording and, if anyone could make it they were welcome. We set up a studio in Stag Bothy at Alvie estate. I spent the first night there on my own – had a lovely experience with fear. Next day 9 people appeared and we recorded deep into the early morning next day. What you hear is that night.

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1 – Waltz
2 – Pablo’s City
3 – Little Prayer
4 – In The Hollow

The Boatshed Sessions

Rachel Sermanni

Released 2013. I could never recreate the magic that occurred for The Bothy Sessions but this recording was very much inspired by that previous recording ethos. Jennifer Austin, Laura Wilkie, Siobhan Anderson and Phillip Cardwell joined me in a Boat Shed just behind the quarry that sits behind Ullapool in the north west of Scotland. Gareth Ince came was engineer, Mike Guest, my cousin Richard and dad transported, assisted and photographed. Rob, my manager at the time, managed to convince The Ceilidh Place (local bar and hotel) to provide an upright piano, and he engineered a scaffolding platform where the boats would be docked that we might record. Another precious night, captured in sound.

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1 – Blackhole
2 – Maybe Not
3 – Dear Granvil
4 – Two Birds

Everything Changes

Rachel Sermanni

Released 2014. Jen, Mike and I went to New York City to work with the amazing Alex Newport (Bloc Party, City and Colour, Deathcab for Cutie). This is the result. Myles O’reilly of Arbutus Yarns then made a sequence of beautiful visuals for three of the four pieces.

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1 – Two Birds
2 – Everything Changes
3 – Lay O
4 – Blackhole

Gently EP

Rachel Sermanni

Released July 2016. This EP was recorded in Mike & Jen’s flat with the help of David Jack with Jen’s beautiful new piano.
It was mastered by the wonderful Little Konzett of Leichtenstein and is an offering of very simple and, I admit, slightly sad and self indulgent songs. I just had to let them out.

I’d recommend you listen when you’re about to go sleeping, or perhaps on a long lonely train ride…

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1 – Gently I
2 – Gently II
3 – Gently III
4 – Jen’s Song

Lay My Heart

Rachel Sermanni

Written under the changing colours of the Aurora Borealis in a small town in western Canada… new single ‘Lay My Heart’ is now yours to download on Bandcamp. So very happy for you to have this.

Half of all proceeds will go to The BIG Project, an organisation I have had the honour to work with over the years, based in Edinburgh.

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1 – Lay My Heart
2 – Lay My Heart (demo)